Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How fast does it kill other pathogens?

A: The product begins working immediately and shows an average 3-5 log reduction continuously within one hour.

Q: How fast does it kill viruses? 

A: The treatment begins working immediately and reaches over 99.99% virus inactivation within one hour.

Q: How long does the product last? 

A: The product has been tested in accelerated lab conditions to 30 cycles with little decrease in antimicrobial activity.

Q: Can I clean the treated surface? 

A: Yes, we have tested the formula against standard cleaning procedures. Throughout a 30 day cycle, the product will continue to kill pathogens.  We recommend giving the Coat’d surface a wipe once a week. 

Q: Does the product need to be removed before re-application?

A: Old coatings do not need to be removed. However, removal will prevent surface accumulation of product. Under current testing, it is recommended that the product be replaced every 30 days. This timeframe may be extended based on current studies being undertaken. 

Q: How do I remove the product?

A: The product can be removed with an acetone based thinner. 

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